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Whether you are starting out or wanting to change suppliers, Yes Chinaherb aims to support you for the life of your practice.


Yes Chinaherb values lifelong friendships.

Practitioner Referral

Receive an additional 5% discount off your next order for every new practitioner referral you make to us, where referrals are unlimited. If you refer 8 new practitioners, you are eligible to receive an additional 5% off your next 8 orders.

Formula Promotion
Receive 1 free bottle with formula orders over $330* Receive 2 free bottles with formula orders over $550* Receive 5 free bottles with formula orders over $1,100* *free bottle(s) are selected from formula(s) that are of least value from within your order.

Shipping + Payment

Yes Chinaherb understands the varying nature of each business and are here to nurture your individual needs.

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