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Code Pin Yin Common Name Chinese Package Info
K629 Zhu Ru Bamboo Shavings 竹茹 Single Powder (100g)
KB00TW Zhu Ru Wen Dan Tang (KPC Chinese label) Bamboo and Ginseng Combination 竹茹温胆汤 (港香蘭) Formula Powder (200g)
KBT1360 Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tablet (KPC Chinese label) Bamboo Leaves & Gypsum Tablets (KPC Chinese label) 竹葉石膏湯 (港香蘭) 500 Tablets (150g)
K086 Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang Bamboo Leaves & Gypsum Combination 竹葉石膏湯 Formula Powder (200g)
K824 Zi Cao Gen Arnebia Root 紫草根 Single Powder (100g)
K204 Zi Gen Mu Li Tang Lithospermum & Oyster Shell Combination 紫根牡蠣湯 Formula Powder (200g)
K823 Zi Hua Di Ding Viola 紫花地丁 Single Powder (100g)
K210 Zi Shen Ming Mu Tang Chrysanthemum Combination 滋腎明目湯 Formula Powder (200g)
K308 Zi Shen Tong Er Tang Scute Combination 滋腎通耳湯 Formula Powder (200g)
K820 Zi Su Perilla 紫蘇 Single Powder (100g)
K943 Zi Su Zi Perilla Fruit 紫蘇子 Single Powder (100g)
K821 Zi Wan Aster Root 紫菀 Single Powder (100g)
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