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Code Pin Yin Common Name Chinese Package Info
K112 Zhi Gan Cao Tang Licorice Combination 炙甘草湯 Formula Powder (200g)
KBT1750 Zhi Gan Cao Tang Tablet (KPC Chinese label) Licorice Combination (KPC Chinese label) 炙甘草湯(港香蘭) 500 Tablets (150g)
K702 Zhi Ke Aurantium Fruit 枳殼 Single Powder (100g)
K667 Zhi Mu Anemarrhena Rhizome 知母 Single Powder (100g)
K701 Zhi Shi Citrus Aurantium 枳實 Single Powder (100g)
K064 Zhi Sou San Piatycodon & Schizonepeta Formula 止嗽散 Formula Powder (200g)
K110 Zhi Zhuo Gu Ben Wan Hoelen & Polyporus Formula 治濁固本丸 Formula Powder (200g)
K794 Zhi Zi Gardenia 梔子 Single Powder (100g)
K828 Zhi Zi Tan (Jiao Zhi Zi) Gardenia (Brown) 焦梔子 Single Powder (100g)
K894 Zhu Dan Brisson 豬膽 Single Powder (100g)
K893 Zhu Ling Polyporus 豬苓 Single Powder (100g)
K222 Zhu Ling Tang Polyporus Combination 豬苓湯 Formula Powder (200g)
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