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Code Pin Yin Common Name Chinese Package Info
KB073S Bai Tou Weng Pulsatilla Root 白頭翁 Single Powder (100g)
K597 Bai Xian Pi Dictamnus Root Bark 白鮮皮 Single Powder (100g)
K586 Bai Zhi Angelica Root 白芷 Single Powder (100g)
K585 Bai Zhu Atractylodes (White) 白朮 Single Powder (100g)
K723 Bai Zi Ren Biota Seed 柏子仁 Single Powder (100g)
K679 Ban Lan Gen Isatis Root (Woad Root) 板藍根 Single Powder (100g)
K607 Ban Xia Pinellia Rhizome 半夏 Single Powder (100g)
K078 Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang Pinella & Gastrodia Combination 半夏白朮天麻湯 Formula Powder (200g)
KBT1130 Ban Xia Hou Po Tablet (KPC Chinese label) Pinella & Magnolia Tablets (KPC Chinese label) 半夏厚朴湯 (港香蘭) 500 Tablets (150g)
K077 Ban Xia Hou Po Tang Pinella & Magnolia Combination 半夏厚朴湯 Formula Powder (200g)
KBT1140 Ban Xia Xie Xin Tablet (KPC Chinese label) Pinellia Combination Tablets (KPC Chinese label) 半夏瀉心湯 (港香蘭) 500 Tablets (150g)
K076 Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang Pinella Combination 半夏瀉心湯 Formula Powder (200g)
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