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Code Pin Yin Common Name Chinese Package Info
KBT3860 Suan Zao Ren Tang Tablet (KPC Chinese label) Zizyphus Combination Tablets (KPC Chinese label) 酸棗仁湯 (港香蘭) 500 Tablets (150g)
K215 Suan Zao Ren Tang Zizyphus Combination 酸棗仁湯 Formula Powder (200g)
K876 Suan Zao Ren Zizyphus 酸棗仁 Single Powder (100g)
K782 E Zhu Zedoaria 莪朮 Single Powder (100g)
K218 Cang Er San Xanthium Formula 蒼耳散 Formula Powder (200g)
K669 Qing Hao Wormwood (Artemisia) 青蒿 Single Powder (100g)
K589 Bai Mao Gen White Wolly Grass Root 白茅根 Single Powder (100g)
K587 Bai Shao White Peony Root 白芍 Single Powder (100g)
K593 Bai Jie Zi White Mustard Seed 白芥子 Single Powder (100g)
K751 Sang Shen Zi White Mulberry Fruit 桑椹 Single Powder (100g)
K771 Fu Xiao Mai Wheat (Levis) 浮小麥 Single Powder (100g)
K735 Tao Ren Walnut 桃仁 Single Powder (100g)
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